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Coming Soon....
Realities of Addiction and Recovery course
through Campus EDU and Udemy.


A New Book:


(Ripping the bandaid off of our addiction epidemic)

For anyone who knows, loves, or lives with an alcoholic or drug addict. 

For the addicts give them hope and direction. 

For health professionals who are looking to

better help those struggling with addiction.

Order the book that tells what works and what doesn't work in

addiction treatment..

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Video Consultation
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Because treatment organizations compete for clients, best practices are not usually shared. What worked well with addicted people fifty years ago is not commonly included in addiction treatment today. That is not because those things don't still work really well, but because treatment providers are typically not well trained in those strategies. Dr. Osborne consults with addiction treatment organizations to develop strategies that he experienced, learned, used and taught since 1979. Contact him to discuss possibly consulting with your organization.


Are you a health professional treating addicts who looks for ways to better help your clients find recovery?

Are you an addict, or someone who loves an addict, who feels lost, confused, and is seeking help but feeling like you're not getting anywhere?

Register for Dr. Don Osborne's interactive webinars individually or collectively through the SASSI Institute and the Reaching For Recovery Academy.

Let's connect.


Book Dr. Osborne to come speak with your group or deliver a keynote address.


With his 30+ years of field experience, he can work with your team to discover where you can strengthen your own programs and improve the recovery rate for your clients.

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"Most adolescents...think that they have grown up."    -Bill W.

Recovery from addiction requires the addict to give up the grandiosity of playing God.

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