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D. R. Osborne, Jr. grew up in a military family. When he was 14 his father was stationed in England and Don attended a boarding school for American kids of military families. Upon returning to the USA, he met his wife Krisann in college.


At the age of 25, he was treated for alcoholism at a pioneer program that combined the expertise of recovering counselors and graduate degreed professionals with a unique program design that included conjoint family therapy and had an indefinite length of stay (Don was there for 52 days). That was in 1975 and he has remained abstinent from alcohol and other drugs ever since. In his recovery journey, he converted from atheism to Christianity. Don later earned a Master’s degree in Counseling and entered the field as a psychotherapist, specializing in helping alcoholics and drug addicts.


Frustrated by the lack of local treatment with the advanced approach he experienced, Don founded a private addictions treatment hospital. Unable to find properly trained professionals to work in the hospital, he established and chaired the first Addictions Counseling academic department at a university to train psychologists and social workers on a sophisticated treatment approach. For ten years, he and his wife ran a private clinic and provided a treatment program for incarcerated felons inside a jail. 

Don later earned another Master’s degree in Advanced Leadership Studies and a Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership. He is continually looking upward.

From executives to gang members, Don has seen over 1,000 clients in his career. He challenges the status quo of inadequate addiction treatment programs today, and offers answers to get better results in his book

You Can’t Fall Out of a Hole: Ripping the Band Aid off of Our Addiction Epidemic.

Don can be reached at

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