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Newly released!!

Do you know someone who has a drinking problem or problems with other drugs?  Most of us do. Have you heard of people going to addiction treatment more than once and it didn't help? Alcoholism and drug addiction have become commonplace in our society and together are considered our number one health and social problem. In You Can't Fall Out Of A Hole, you learn what works and what doesn't in the treatment of addiction. 

D.R. Osborne Jr. has been studying addiction treatment for over 40 years, both from a patient perspective and as a therapist. Suffering from malnutrition, he entered treatment just a few days before his son was born in 1975. It saved his life and changed the trajectory of his life forever. He went from not being able to hold a job, to founding and operating an addictions treatment hospital. He and his wife spent ten years going behind bars to provide an addictions treatment program for incarcerated felons. Dr. Osborne also developed the first Addictions Counseling department for a university in the US. 

Now he has had the opportunity to gather his years of research along with his experiences both personally and professionally, and put them together in a book for alcoholics, drug addicts, people who live with or care about someone with a drinking or drug problem, and for those who try to treat them. Not all treatment programs are created equal. Most of the professionals we turn to for help are not trained to effectively treat addicts. A research study revealed that 94% of medical doctors aren't able to accurately diagnose alcoholism when given a list of its signs and symptoms. Universities do not require students to take courses in substance use disorders or courses related to addiction in order to graduate with a PhD. in psychology or MSW degree in social work. Dr. Osborne has found five major reasons that alcoholics and drug addicts do not receive adequate treatment in the US, and covers them in the book.


Learn the questions to ask treatment providers and how to find programs that work.

Available here, on Amazon, and at all major book stores.

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